NEW HVAC Equipment and Machines available in SA

Experience the power of MTSA – we provide solutions for any engineering challenge with our state-of-the-art equipment. Rest assured, we exclusively source products from reputable vendors. For further details, reach out to our team at

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NEW HVAC Equipment and Machines available in SA

All of our tooling is compliant with drawing plans made in CAMDUCT, and with some staff training and set up you will be able to start roll forming you sheet-metal HVAC ducting in no time. With MTSA, you have access to: 

  1. Square Ducting
    Ideal running inside walls and maximising the use of square architecture, our machinery can fold and lock all manner of square ducting
  2. Round Ducting
    The ideal shape for industrial application, round ducting give the most available cross sectional area for the least amount of sheet metal used.
  3. Specialist Application
    Our experienced consultants are ready and standing by to assist in as aspect of your new sheet-metal HVAC ducting tools. Whether you need help with staff training ar getting the machine set up, you have our support system to assist you

Benefit from our dedicated in-house technical team, ensuring comprehensive support and maintenance for all our machines and products. We stand by our commitments to excellence in machine sales. For immediate technical support, contact us at

Our range of quality products is now available and traded in South Africa through the MTSA Network, ensuring you receive top-notch products at competitive prices. We are committed to propelling the industry forward.

Experience cost-effective purchasing with MTSA – say goodbye to overspending when you choose us!

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Our tooling can provide you with the means to make sheet-metal HVAC ducting. At African Supplies we can provide specialised tooling including:

Lock Former
HVAC Folder
Whisper Lock
Plasma Cutters
Roof Sheeting


Swing beam shear and beam shear options available with Estun21S simple NC controller. Full CNC options available with TP10 controller. All models equipped with quick blade adjustment and beam shears with additional rake angle adjustment



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