NEW THREAD ROLLING Machines available in SA

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NEW THREAD ROLLING Machines available in SA

At MTSA, our thread rollers will be able to shape and form a variety of bolts out of most ductile materials. Thread rolling is an extremely profitable business, and we have the right tools for the job. 

  1. Durability
    Thread rollers are a constant operation machine. As such they need to be able to handle extended periods of being in and working. With that in mind, the thread rollers at MTSA are built to be tough and will last a number of years. 
  2. High Production Capacity
    With and average production time of one bolt per second, thread rolling is a very highly efficient method of creating bolts. Ideal for large production runs, thread rolls can form thousands of bolts per day, meaning that they are very profitable pieces of machinery
  3. High Tensile Strength
    The cold forming production of thread rollers ensures that the bolts produced are of a very high quality. The tolerances are extremely tight due to the pressure forming method, and the work hardening of the material creates a very hard material with a very high tensile strength

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Thread rolling of bolts increase tensile strength of material making it suitable for anchor bolts, studs and cylinder assemble. Fixed length or rod production standard on all models..


Only ductile materials are able to be rolled, and the threads are cold formed. However, this increases the thread’s yield strength, surface finish, hardness, and wear resistance. This allows thread rolling to be a viable manufacturing method for pipe thread, scaffold thread, threaded bars and anchor bolts.



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