MTSA MANDREL TUBE BENDING Machines available in SA

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NEW MANDREL TUBE BENDING Machines available in SA

Our CNC tube bending machine adopts industrial-grade touch screen control system and professional software of pipe benders, driven by servo-motor and hydraulic pressure. Providing the automatic functions of feeding, rotating, die exchanging, drawings reading, editing, file modifying, rebound data adjusting, automatic faults diagnosing and 3D display. The Max. capability of this machine is OD 450mm, after equipped the power push bending function, the Min. bending radius can achieve R=1.5D. This machine is adequate for high precision and complex 3D cold bending of each thick wall or thin wall steel pipe, also the alloy metal. The moves are controlled by the advanced IPC system, increasing the processing quality and producing efficiency. This machine has the advantages of high automation, high precision, high precision, high working efficiency and low labour intensity, It is the most ideal equipment for aerospace, automobile, locomotive, motorcycle, shipyard, petrochemical, electric power, natural gas, nuclear industry, boiler, vehicles, fitness equipment and sports equipment. The range of the multi stacks is from 1 layer to 3 layers.

The range of CNC and NC tube benders is complimented with a range of tube end formers, tube roll formers and disc saws, all of which can be ordered through MTSA.

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This type of tube bending machine is usually used in flat or simple three-dimensional pipe bending. Everything from school desk manufacturing, to exhaust tubes, to roll bars manufacturing for racing cars employs some sort of mandrel tube bender.


The range of the multi stacks is from 1 layer to 3 layers.



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